All Kinds of Surprises
Viewing the Carmen Würth Collection

29 May to 8 October 2017

The name Carmen Würth has been associated with exemplary social and cultural commitment for decades. The wife of entrepreneur and collector Reinhold Würth has indeed never tired of campaigning for disadvantaged people and helping them to discover their strengths. For this work she has repeatedly been honoured with prestigious awards. She is an honorary citizen of the City of Künzelsau, a holder of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany and the patroness of numerous social initiatives at home and abroad, to name but a few. Thanks to her creative energy her hotel-restaurant Anne-Sophie in Künzelsau, for example, has become a place where people with and without handicaps can work together successfully. Through this initiative Carmen Würth has set integration standards which are also acknowledged outside the hospitality branch.

On the occasion of Carmen Würth’s 80th birthday, the Museum Würth in Künzelsau is highlighting a further aspect of her social activities which is not known to a wide public. The (private) art collection of Carmen Würth is being put on show for the first time and is certain to lead to all kinds of surprises. The selection of exhibits includes Classical Modern paintings and prints, for example by Gabriele Münter, all of which the collector acquired at an early stage and values highly. Also on show will be numerous contemporary positions in art, such as that of Agnès Baillon, Philippe Garel, Anselm Glück and Herbert Golser. There will be whole work groups by Ugo Dossi, Eda Kadirić, Mario Fallani and Giorgio Celiberti, artists whose work she has collected for many years. Her portfolio also includes expressive forms of international folk art – particularly from Peru – as well as art by “special people with a handicap”. Her enthusiasm for the craftsmanship and inventiveness of the pictorial solutions of these “special people” is inspiring. The peripheral zones, the side-tracks and special areas of art production are the ones that catch her eye – at a remove from the official art business. The particular mix of works in this exhibition raises the exciting questions: What is art and what is dilettantism? Where are the borderlines drawn between these, or do such borderlines exist at all?

Artists in the exhibition
Andrey Adamchik
Rino Axt
Agnès Baillon
Igor Barhatkov
Manfred Bockelmann
Christoph Bouet
Anthony Caro
Giorgio Celiberti
David Christenheit
Branko Cvetkovič
Ugo Dossi
Mario Fallani
Andreas Felger
Karsten Fuge
Philippe Garel
Erich Gerlach
Anselm Glück
Herbert Golser
Magda Hagstotz
Hermann Hesse
David Hockney
Karl Hurm
Eda Kadirić
Uwe Kächele
Ben Kamili
Günther Kaphammel
Gert Koch
Martin Udo Koch
Roland Krause
Ludovico de Luigi
Mario Madiai
Heiner Meyer
Gabriele Münter
Manfred Pahl
Maxim Piatrul
Ernst Redl
Gertrude Reum
Ute Schmidt
Heimo Setten
Jiři Sodoma
Antal Sprok
Rufino Tamayo
Lun Tuchnowski
Tomi Ungerer
Lesser Ury
José Carlos Viana
Tanja Wellinger
Helmut Widmaier
Ben Willikens
Lambert Maria Wintersberger
Pang Yongjie
Nikola Žigon